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Scoured from our trusted sources, Accetra Arts Ltd. has exclusive access to infinite libraries, collections, and artists to fulfill our client's discerning needs. Working with our master craftsman to design and create unique framing solutions, each project is completely specialized.

  • Hand-crafted Frames

  • Shadow Boxes

  • Framed Memorabilia

  • Gallery Wall Groupings

  • Face Mounts on Plexiglass

  • Framed TV Surrounds

  • Acid-Washed Mirrors

  • Acrylic Stand-Off

  • Uniquely Shaped and Sized Mirrors

  • Leather-wrapped Frames

  • Specialty Frame Vendors and Collections

  • Decorative Wall Sculpture

  • Oversized and Double Inlay Matting

  • Commissioned Artworks

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